Why Skypark?


A major principle of Skypark is the carefully planned integration which aims to enhance and unite the environment and infrastructure of its immediate location with the people who live near, work in and visit here.

At Skypark there is an integrated approach to sustain­ability – embracing every aspect of social, economic and urban design as integral elements of sus­tainable places, together with consideration of environ­mental sustainability in relation to renewable energy and energy efficiency to minimise the carbon footprint of the development.

Our approach to an overall carbon reduction is fourfold:

  1. A reduction in the embodied energy during the construction process through careful selection of materials and on-site management.
  2. A reduction in the buildings’ energy requirements through careful design to use passive technologies such as: orientation, solar gain, solar shading, increased insulation, natural ventilation, intelligent building control systems and the use of energy efficient fittings.
  3. The use of renewable technologies to reduce the C02 impact of the regulated energy needs. A scheme that is future-proofed to allow future integration into developing technologies.
  4. An overarching approach through the whole site via the Estate Management including ecology, sustainable urban drainage and transport.

Sustainable Transport

  • Skypark is well served new sustainable travel network linking the East of Exeter Growth Point to Exeter and the rest of the region. The East of Exeter Growth Area has a rail station at Cranbrook opening in summer 2015 with a service taking 10 mins into Exeter City. There is a rapid transport bus link from Cranbrook to Skypark and onto the centre of Exeter with a ½ hourly service currently moving to ¼ hourly as demand increases.
  • There is an extensive cycle links system Skypark and The East of Exeter Growth Area. There are comprehensive cycle facilities within the specification for each building.
  • There are electric car charging points within Skypark.
  • There are enhanced opportunities for car sharing via the collective Skypark Estate Management Company.

Skypark Specifically Offers

District Heating

Skypark is of a size, scale and location to consider integrated renewable technologies. The Eon Energy Centre provides combined heat and power via a district heating system to substantially reduce carbon production within the site providing carbon neutral heating. Carbon neutral electricity via private wire is also available.

BREEAM Excellent

All buildings will be designed and constructed to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating. Both the Eon Energy Centre and the ASOC building have already achieved a BREEAM Excellent rating.

Reduced Occupational Costs

  • Office buildings will be 25% more energy efficient in their electrical consumption to meet BREEAM Excellent Standard. Electrical bills will therefore be reduced.
  • An EPC rating of A is likely to result in reduced occupational tax liabilities in future years.
  • The combination of carbon neutral heating and reduced electrical consumption will reduce carbon emissions from Skypark’s buildings which will therefore deliver savings in the costs as measured by the Governments, Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme.

Skypark will be served by its own
district heating system


A network of formal and informal landscaped spaces give ample opportunity for relaxation, sport and recreation to complement the working environment

Water Efficiency

Water efficient appliances combined with rainwater harvesting will help minimise the use of mains, potable water.

Low Carbon

Skypark is a low carbon development with a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by over 20% through careful design and the innovative use of green technologies.

Recycled Materials

Recycled and reclaimed materials will be used where possible to reduce Skypark's impact on the environment.

Public Transport Links

Running through the heart of Skypark bus links to Exeter and beyond create a viable, convenient alternative to the car.

Smart Lighting

Intelligent and low energy lighting systems, combined with the maximum use of natural daylight will help reduce energy use.

Community Links

Skypark's mix of Business, Social and Recreational facilities will form the focus for a new business community which will embrace the wider communities.

Leisure and Recreation

Formal and informal open spaces, trim trails, a central square with retail, cafe, gym, hotel and a business hub will create a vibrant 24/7 culture.


Extensive and carefully selected planting will aid biodiversity and protect and enhance the existing flora and fauna whilst creating new and varied wildlife habitats.

Sustainable Drainage

A Sustainable Urban Drainage System will be used to reduce surface water run off rates to the benefit of the surrounding areas.


All buildings use the Skypark Design Code to ensure design; construction and operation meet high standards.

Local Economy

Creation of construction and permanent jobs, improved public transport links and inward investment generated by Skypark.


Extensive cycle routes, covered cycle shelters, shower and drying facilities will help promote cycling as a viable alternative to the car.

Public Realm

High quality hard and soft landscaping linked with a exemplary built form will create a pleasant and distinctive public realm.


All buildings will be designed and constructed to achieve a BREEAM 'Excellent' certification in recognition of their 'green' credentials.

Energy Efficiency

Buildings will be highly insulated and carefully constructed to minimise heat loss and maximise energy efficiency.

Waste & Recycling

Segregated recycling facilities and on site composting will minimise waste and maximise recycling.